The Nightmare Before Bloxtober 2017 event is a Halloween-Themed, Roblox Sponsored Event in 2017. It features 7 new props, a new map, and 2 new game places. Added in update version 1.25.11.

Update Features

  • Sponsored Halloween adventure update!
  • New props
  • Space Challenge (Fly as high as possible!)
    • Unlock: Level 5 (Skull TeleShard)
    • Protip: Shoot the asteroids
    • The flying werewolf flies!
    • Win: Loki’s Helmet
  • Skull Island Adventure
    • Unlock: Level 10 (Space Challenge TeleShard)
    • Fight a giant werewolf!
    • Win: Werewolf Mask - Scarewolf
  • New treasure chests with variable prizes
  • New music for Halloween
  • New spooky map with traps
  • Billboards added for the sponsor, Thor: Ragnarok