The Arena is the area where most of Whatever Floats Your Boat takes place.


It is a flat, sandy area of land with a large, tall, and bustling tree in the middle, and sharp peaks of sand dunes at the edges. It is stuck in a cycle of horrible weather, switching from intolerable heat to being constantly hammered by heavy rainstorms and terribly cold winds, which often end up causing huge floods of water, forcing anyone in the area to take shelter on their boat.

At the end of each flood, the water will finally dry up, but as such also cause some boats to sink partially into the ground, or be flipped by the large sand peaks. Needless to say, it is a very brutal place. There are some ways to survive this horrid patch of land, however...

How to Survive

Try staying near the edges of the map, but not so much that your boat ends up falling into the void or being flipped by a sand dune. If you're the cowardly type, this will be perfect for you, as most people gather near the center of desert to fight. However, if you're more bold or have a strong boat, feel free to drop anchor anywhere you want.

Keep plenty of lights on your boat so you can see better during thunderstorms. This may come in handy if more weather types are later implemented as well.